Knives will be listed as they become available!

All my knives are designed and handmade in my shop. I do not use pre-made blanks of any kind. Every knife starts off as a solid piece of bar stock. I do all my own heat treating in house.  I use excellent quality steels. (1095-440C-O1 Tool steel- 5160-cpm154).. Every knife is ground freehand, I use no grinding jigs or pre-made/waterjetted materials. Grinds may not be 100% Symmetrical.

Knives- 1095-5160-O1..You will need to keep your knife oiled to prevent it from rusting. 
Knives are made from High Carbon Steel- They are not dishwasher safe.
Use WD 40, Gun oil,  Mineral oil or even Olive oil for food prep. 
Don't keep your knife stored in its sheath for long periods of time without cleaning and oiling periodically, If you do it may rust.  
Immediately dry and oil after any contact with moisture to prevent rusting.
My Guarantee
I guarantee all my knives, If for any reason something happens to your knife under PROPER USE, I will repair or replace it free of charge.That does not include shipping costs!! You are responsible for shipping costs to and from..
My Knives are cutting tools, nothing else. If you hammer, pry, baton, throw or in any other way abuse your knife, the guarantee is void.

Disclaimer:  Must be 18 years old to purchase. The maker / owner of JRs Knives or its affiliates are NOT responsible should you harm yourself or others with our knives or any of our other products.  

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. You are provided with a tracking number and 50$ insurance. You can purchase higher insurance during check out if so wish too.

Buyer is responsible for any customs or import taxes. 
Buyer must be aware of their countries import laws. We WILL NOT ship under false customs forms, so don't ask.